A sole proprietorship is converted into a joint-stock company


  1.  Application form for enterprise registration (Appendix I-4);
  2. The company’s charter;
  3. lists of founding shareholders (Appendix I-7) and shareholders that are foreign investors of the joint-stock company (Appendix I-8);
  4. Copies of the following documents:

a) Legal documents of the enterprise’s legal representative;

b) Legal documents of members that are individuals; legal documents of members that are organizations; legal documents of authorized representatives of members that are organizations and their letters of appointment of authorized representatives.

If a member is a foreign organization, copies of legal documents of that organization must be consular legalized;

  1. The sole proprietor’s written commitment to be personally liable for all unpaid debts and paying them when they are due with all of his/her assets.
  2. The written agreement made between the sole proprietor and parties of ongoing contracts that the new company will take over and continue performing these contracts.
  3. The sole proprietor’s written commitment or agreement with other limited partners to continue hiring the existing employees of the sole proprietorship
  4. The contract for transfer of shares/stakes or documents proving completion of such transfer; the contract for donation of shares/stakes; the copy of certificate of the inheritor’s lawful right to inheritance;
  5. A written approval given by the investment registration authority for capital contribution or purchase of shares/stakes by foreign investors/foreign-invested business entities in case procedures for registration of capital contribution or purchase of shares/stakes must be followed in accordance with the Law on Investment;
  6. Power of attorney.
  • Quantity: 01 set.


Within 03 working days from the receipt of the application, the business registration authority shall consider issuing the Enterprise Registration Certificate.

Please follow the link to get the procedure for REGISTRATION OF ESTABLISHMENT OF A JOINT STOCK COMPANY

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