Debt Recovery

Are you having bad debts?

Have you done everything but your debtor still refuses to pay?

Does this debt make you feel tired, causing many negative effects on your life?

And you need help?

Don’t worry, you got PL&Partners Law Firm.

Please contact us immediately.

PL & Partners has acquired many years of experience in legal consulting in general and debt recovery in particular.

We have assisted many clients, and have completed many deals in different fields, including:

  • Debts arising from loaning, borrowing property without paying.
  • Debts arising from the breach of contract.
  • Debts arising from non-contractual liability.

At PL & Partners, we carry out our work based on the fastest, most effective debt recovery criteria without resorting to other risky measures.

When using our debt recovery services, clients will:

  • Be legally guaranteed. The work is carried out by a professional and highly experienced team of lawyers and legal experts based on the law.
  • Save time, avoid troublesome procedures, shorten debt recovery time.
  • Be able to handle complex objects like debtors who refuse to work, debtors are thugs, etc.
  • Consult with us about managing, and preventing bad debts from arising.
  • Have service fees designed flexibly subject to each case.

Through many years of practice, PL & Partners Law Firm has approached a variety of cases, forming effective processes to successfully handle clients’ requests:

  • When contacted, we know exactly what information needs to be collected.
  • When receiving requests, we have effective solutions available.
  • We will rely on your request and the nature of the case to come up with an appropriate debt recovery strategy, and outline detailed implementation plans.
  • We, on behalf of our clients, negotiate and impose comprehensive pressure to claim legitimate benefits for our clients. In fact, more than 70% of total cases have been successfully handled at this stage.
  • If necessary, we will become an authorized representative of client to prepare a complete and valid dossier and file a lawsuit in court. Lawyers of PL & Partners will represent clients to work with authorities as well as protect clients in courts at all levels.

Individuals, organizations, and enterprises in need of debt recovery can contact PL & Partners via phone number 093.1111.060 or other communication channels as described below.

We will receive information, give feedback, and guide the types of documents and papers to prepare.

PL & Partners’ lawyers will carefully take into account the legal, reputational, financial, and commercial needs of clients from time to time before devising a debt recovery strategy with the aim of achieving the highest success rate.

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