Choosing debt recovery service of PL & PARTNERS Law Firm – A wise decision for clients

Bad debt recovery is a headache issue for all clients, from organizations, businesses to individuals. In order to recover debt, there are many options for clients, such as putting pressure on debtors, bringing a lawsuit, hiring debt recovery companies or organizations, and even the form of hired debt-collector.

Among them, opting for debt recovery services of law firms is considered a wise decision for many clients due to its legal guarantee, expeditiousness, efficiency, and reasonable fees as well.

And PL & Partners Law Firm is a prestigious unit for clients to put their trust in and cooperate with us.


1.1 Ensuring legality, limiting risk.

Debt recovery service is a legal activity of lawyers that is recognized by the law. When conducting debt recovery for clients, PL & Partners Law Firm uses its legal status to perform, which guarantees absolute safety for our clients. You are going to have your bad debts returned quickly in accordance with the law, ensuring the interests of clients without resorting to other risky measures.

1.2 Effective debt recovery.

When using the debt recovery service of  PL & Partners Law Firm, the work is handled by a highly experienced and qualified team of lawyers and professionals. Lawyers will have problems taken into account depending on each client, each case, and each debtor to come up with the most effective strategy.

In addition to the strength of legal knowledge, PL & Partners’ lawyers have also accumulated the ingenuity, ability to persuade and apply flexible measures to influence the debtor, helping to recover debts successfully.

1.3 PL & Partners Law Firm, on clients’ behalf, handles matters of clients. There is no need for our clients to do anything.

Many individuals, organizations, and businesses often face difficulties when collecting debts because of the lack of legal knowledge and skills in completing documents. Besides, apprehension and fear of trouble in legal procedures also justify there.

When conducting debt recovery service, PL&Partners will, on clients’ behalf, perform the work completely. The work shall be handled in a strict process from drafting documents, requesting repayment, negotiating payment to litigation through the court.

Thus, clients will avoid troublesome procedures, which helps the debt recovery be performed expeditiously.

1.4 Filing a lawsuit when necessary, strictly complying with the laws.

In fact, the debt recovery service of PL & Partners Law Firm helps you quickly recover bad debts. Most of the deals are resolved in the negotiation and conciliation phase after debtors are under increasing pressure.

In case the debtor intentionally fails to fulfill the payment obligation, a lawsuit to recover debt is the last resort to use. When doing so, the lawyer of PL & Partners Law Firm will prepare documents, then file a lawsuit, and work with authorities to ensure the interests of clients.

For cases where the backlog of debts lasts too long leading to the fact that the statute of limitations for initiation of a lawsuit expires, we also have other effective measures to handle this problem.

1.5 Reasonable cost

Debt recovery service fee of PL & Partners Law Firm is designed to be flexible and effective. Depending on the nature of the work, we will make a collection strategy and offer fees for clients. We always make efforts to bring our clients the best assistance at the most suitable cost.


If businesses, organizations, and individuals are facing bad debts, please contact us immediately:


Headquarters: 46th Floor, Bitexco Financial Tower, No. 2 Hai Trieu, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Office: Lot 1.16 Viva Riverside, 1472 Vo Van Kiet, Ward 3, District 6, HCMC

Hotline: 093.1111.060




We are willing to listen to your information, feedback, and will guide you types of documents to be prepared.

With nearly 10 years of operation and having successfully handled hundreds of cases, PL & Partners Law Firm has formed effective measures available to support our clients.

We carry out legal work related to commercial and civil debt recovery in Vietnam according to a rigorous process:

Step 1: Get information, and discuss together to clarify the needs of clients.

Step 2: Make an effective debt recovery strategy and plan based on the client’s strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3: Prepare all types of records, papers, evidence, etc.

Step 4: Capture debtor’s information and implement plans to impose a comprehensive pressure on him/her.

Step 5: Negotiate.

Step 6: File a lawsuit and participate in litigation.

Lawyers of PL & Partners will carefully take into consideration legal needs, specific circumstances, advantages, reputation, finance, and commerciality of clients at each specific time prior to coming up with the most effective debt recovery strategy, which helps them save time and costs as well.

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