Consequences of not measuring the plot of land when buying

In practice, many people that only look at the red book and completely believe in the area recorded there without actual measurement. This fact leads to a lot of financial consequences as well as possible disputes and lawsuits. There are also many cases where the actual areas are different from the areas on the certificate.

One of the most common reasons is that in the past when technology had not yet developed, the cadastral officer often only used manual measuring devices such as poles, ropes, rulers, etc. with low accuracy leading to the situation where many plots of land actually have more or less area than the data recorded in the certificate.

Real estate has always been one of the most valuable assets. If the land plot is not re-measured before signing the transfer contract, the buyer may suffer financial loss. For example, you have to spend an amount of 600 million dongs to buy a piece of land with an area of ​​​​3000m2 but the actual area of ​​​​the land is only 2000m2. Asking the land office to accurately measure the land area at the time of the transaction helps you understand the available parameters, thereby helping you negotiate a suitable price with the landowner.

In addition, to avoid disputes, when buying land, you should ask the adjacent landowners to sign minutes for boundaries confirmation and have clear boundary markers.

In summary, before carrying out the procedure for transferring land use rights, land buyers should re-measure the actual land use area at the time of transaction, avoid over-confidence and dependence on parameters on paper as it will risk huge damage to land buyers.



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The article is based on the current legal regulations at the time of writing, and it may no longer be valid or relevant at the time you are reading it due to changes of the law. The article, therefore, is seen as reference only.

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