Consultation and support on Inheritance

In recent years, inheritance disputes have continuously increased, especially in developed cities and urban areas. More and more individuals, families need support from lawyers to draft wills, lawfully distribute estates, or conduct further work such as filing complaints, lawsuits to ensure their rights before competent authorities.

Understanding the above needs, PL & Partners Law Firm has deployed the Inheritance Consulting Service to help clients comprehensively protect their rights in issues relating to inheritance and will.


PL & Partners supports clients comprehensively on inheritance, in all areas such as general advice on inheritance, support on wills and inheritance under wills, inheritance at law, determination of estates, method of distributing estates, etc. Specifically:

1.1. Advising on provisions of inheritance law:

  • Advising and answering questions about inheritance such as the order of priority of inheritance, rights of inheritance, estates.
  • Advising on time and place of commencing inheritance.
  • Advising on estates and related estate issues such as heirs, rights and obligations of heirs, administrators of estates, rights and obligations of estate administrators, etc.
  • Advising on the time of raising heir’s rights and obligations.
  • Advising on disclaimer of inheritance.
  • Advising on identifying people not entitled to estates.
  • Advising on statue of limitation with respect to inheritance.

PL & Partners’ lawyers will advise on legal issues related to inheritance.

1.2. Advise, support on wills and inheritance under wills:

  • Advising on wills and how to make a will in compliance with the law.
  • Advising on writing contents of wills.
  • Advising the testator on the rights and obligations related to making a will.
  • Advising on making a spouse’s joint
  • Advising on amendment of, addition to, replacement or revocation of wills.
  • Advising on procedures for custody of wills, announcement of wills.

1.3. Advise on inheritance at law:

  • Advising on cases of inheritance at law.
  • Advising on identifying heirs at law.
  • Advising on succeeding heirs (if any).
  • Advising on inheritance relations between biological children and their biological parents, between adopted children and their adoptive parents, between stepchildren and their stepparents.
  • Advising on inheritance where wives and husbands have divided their common property, in the proceedings of divorce or have got married to someone else.

1.4. Advise on settlement and distribution of estates:

  • Advising on the distribution of estates in accordance with wills or in accordance with
  • Advising on identifying people entitled to
  • Advising on the order of priority of property obligations and expenses related to inheritance..

With support from PL & Partners’ lawyers, the division of estate will be carried out in accordance with the law.

1.5. Advise on settlement of inheritance disputes:

Advising on ways of protecting the heirs’ rights in case of arising disputes.

Mediating and negotiating in settlement of inheritance disputes.

Advising on writing lawsuit petitions and instructing lawsuit procedures.

Representing clients to make complaints and initiate lawsuits to protect clients’ rights before competent authorities.


After many years of operation in the field of inheritance consultation and support, PL & Partners Law Firm is proud to be evaluated by clients as a prestigious and professional law firm that they can trust and come to whenever they need support.

When using our services, clients shall:

  • Be consulted and supported by experienced lawyers who have successfully handled many different inheritance cases.
  • Be represented to perform most of the work through PL & Partners’ simple and fast workflow.
  • Get competitive costs.
  • Have information kept confidential.


Individuals and families who need advice and support on inheritance can contact PL & Partners via phone number 093.1111.060 or other communication channels.


 Office: Lot 1.16 Viva Riverside, 1472 Vo Van Kiet, Ward 3, District 6, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 093.1111.060




PL & Partners’ lawyers will carefully consider legal needs, practical circumstances and related issues before providing a solution.

We will represent clients to handle tasks, from the stage of mediation, negotiation, implementation of procedures, to the stage of complaints and lawsuits (if any) to protect clients’ rights according to regulations.

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