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“With the contract lawyer services of PL & Partners Law Firm, the legality and rigor of both content and form of contracts of clients will be assured, etc.”

The role of contracts in civil transactions is crucial, especially for enterprises. A contract needs to ensure that its content and form are rigorous and detailed. Which, not only the interests of the parties shall be assured, the risks that will occur in the future shall be anticipated, but also the provisions of the law shall be complied with.

To meet the above, more and more enterprises have turned to the contract lawyer services of PL & Partners Law Firm for assistance. Our team of lawyers and specialists with high professional qualifications, extensive experience, expertise in many areas of business and life will assist clients comprehensively from drafting to signing process, performing the contract, and solving the arising problems.


The contract consultancy services of PL & Partners Law Firm include the following main tasks:


The first step to drawing up a contract is to negotiate the terms and draft the contract. This is an essential step. If the drafting is poor, after signing the contract, many risks may arise, causing losses to the enterprises.

The contract must show full and rigorous terms, details from information, price, payment, penalty, rights and obligations of the parties, dispute resolution, etc. Besides, future risks should be forecasted to have hedging clauses included in the contract.

At this stage, PL & Partners’ lawyers will counsel clients on all matters to ensure the interests of both parties in accordance with the law.

Specifically, we will:

  • Comprehensively counsel on issues related to contracts of enterprises.
  • Counsel, explain the contents and terms included in the contract.
  • Analyze risk and examine the contract.
  • Draft contracts based on the requirements of the enterprises in accordance with the law, ensure maximum benefits of clients and balance the interests of the contracting parties;
  • Counsel on, participate in the negotiation stages to sign contracts with enterprises;
  • Counsel on contract negotiations or represent clients to participate in negotiations upon request.


After signing, the two parties go to the contract implementation phase. In this process, it is likely that there will be risks that the enterprises cannot anticipate. In the event of an incident, enterprises still need legal advice to resolve it.

Contract consultancy services of PL & Partners Law Firm not only assist in drafting, negotiating, and signing contracts, but also help clients manage risks during the implementation process. For example:

  • Manage risk in delivering and transporting goods.
  • Manage risk in cargo insurance.
  • Manage risk when providing services.
  • Manage issues related to tax, customs authorities, social insurance, security and order, etc.

1.3. Counseling on solving problems arising from the contract.

Sometimes during the performing of a contract, there are problems that arise but cannot be foreseen such as force majeure events, contracts with objects that cannot be performed, deposits, debt arising, etc.

The contract consultancy services of PL & Partners Law Firm will advise enterprises to resolve the above disputes. In some cases, we will handle them directly upon request of clients.

1.4. Counseling on contract dispute resolution.

In the course of contract performance, conflicts between parties are one of the frequent problems that arise, when they can not be resolved through negotiation, they will lead to disputes.

With contract consultancy services, PL & Partners Law Firm assists clients to handle contract disputes quickly and effectively, including the following main tasks:

  • Advise clients to determine the grounds, and legal basis for dispute resolution.
  • Advise, prepare, contact, and negotiate with relevant parties in the resolution of contract disputes;
  • Organize, and represent clients in the negotiation and mediation of the parties to contract disputes;
  • Discuss, and guide clients to collect documents and evidence, provide information;
  • Meet, and discuss with arbitration agencies, courts to protect the legal rights and obligations of clients.
  • Participate in legal proceedings to resolve contract disputes.


2.1. The team of lawyers and specialists has high professional qualifications, extensive experience and expertise in many fields.

When using the contract lawyer services of PL & Partners Law Firm, the work is performed by a team of highly qualified, experienced, thoughtful, and dedicated lawyers and professionals who work effectively in order to provide clients with excellent services.

We will comprehensively advise the client on contracts, and ensure the interests of the parties in accordance with the law.

Besides, we will also accompany clients throughout the process of negotiating, signing and performing contracts as well as solving arising problems.

2.2. Work efficiently and quickly.

With nearly 10 years of establishment and development, PL & Partners Law Firm has assisted hundreds of clients, handled thousands of civil and commercial contracts.

PL & Partners has approached various cases, thereby forming standard procedures, having documents, and templates available, instructing and mastering relevant legal procedures. Therefore, we are able to help process work efficiently and quickly.

Our firm is proud to be one of the leading prestigious legal aid units in Ho Chi Minh City according to our clients.

2.3. Affordability.

The fee for contract consultancy services of PL & Partners Law Firm is flexibly adjusted to suit each client’s requirements and the nature of the work. Clients will be provided with a quality service with the most effective fee.


Individuals and enterprises when needing contract consultancy, please contact us immediately:


Office: Lot 1.16 Viva Riverside, 1472 Vo Van Kiet, Ward 3, District 6, HCMC

Hotline: 093.1111.060




Our company will receive information, feedback and guide clients on the types of documents, and records to be prepared.

With the motto “our mission, your success”, we always harmonize the legal regulations and the desired interests of clients. We provide clients with the most professional, dedicated and efficient legal services as well as confidentiality in accordance with the law, and code of occupational ethics and conduct.

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