With debt recovery services, PL & Partners Law Firm helps clients recover debt quickly and efficiently without much trouble with legal proceedings…”



When enterprises, individuals, and organizations do business, there will be debts. Including bad debts, non-performing loans. These bad debts often have big impact on our revenue, profits, and operations.

When the parties cannot reconcile and arrange themselves to recover debts, businesses and individuals will need to seek the support of law firms to resolve the problem. PL & Partners is a reputable, professional, experienced law firm in the field of debt recovery, where clients are completely safe to come to.

1. Types of debt that can be settled:

With many years of experience in the field of legal advice in general and debt recovery in particular, PL & Partners has successfully executed many deals in many fields. Some can be mentioned as:

  • Debts arising from borrowing, or leasing assets but not paying.
  • Debt arising from breach of contract.
  • Debt arising from non-contractual liability.
  • Other types of debt, etc.

2. Received benefits when using the debt recovery services of PL & Partners Law Firm:

At PL & Partners, we carry out debt recovery based on the criteria of being fastest and most effective without dealing with legal proceedings, thereby helping clients quickly recover bad debts in accordance with the law, ensure the interests of clients without having to apply other risky measures.

When using our debt recovery service, clients will receive the following benefits:

  • The work is carried out by a team of professional, experienced lawyers and specialists who practice in accordance with the law.
  • One-stop service from advising, providing solutions to getting the court’s decisions and enforcing judgments.
  • Save time, avoid troubles due to procedures, and shorten debt time.
  • Handle difficult subjects.
  • Save costs, and limit risks.
  • Get advice on control and prevention of bad debts.
  • Exemption or reduction of fees for other legal services when required.

3. Process of receiving and handling debt recovery.

Individuals, organizations, and businesses when in need of debt recovery, please contact us immediately:


Office: Lot 1.16 Viva Riverside, 1472 Vo Van Kiet, Ward 3, District 6, HCMC

Hotline: 093.1111.060




We will receive information, give feedback, and guide the types of documents and papers to prepare.

PL & Partners carries out legal work related to commercial and civil debt recovery in Vietnam according to a strict process from drafting documents, requesting debt repayment to negotiating the payment and collecting debt through litigation.

PL & Partners lawyers will carefully consider the legal needs, reputation, finance and commercial activities of our clients from time to time before coming up with a debt recovery strategy to achieve the highest success rate.

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