Legal Retainer Services for Individuals

PL & Partners provide Legal Retainer Services for Individuals in order to produce comprehensive legal assistance from consulting to resolving dispute, litigation.”

Nowadays, many legal issues are arising in society that not everyone can solve them. At that time, we can look to legal retainer services for individuals of law firms for support.

PL & Partners is a prestigious, professional, dedicated law firm trusted by many clients.

1. What are Legal Retainer Services for Individuals?

Just like the private doctor services, the lawyer will work monthly with the client to give advice and warn off legal risks.

These services have been present for a long time in developed countries around the world. In Vietnam, they are gradually gaining attention because of their flexibility, great expedition, and convenience for clients.

2. What do Legal Retainer Services for Individuals provide?

Lawyers will perform the following tasks:

  • Counseling on administrative procedures;
  • Counseling, drafting, and reviewing documents, papers, and contracts;
  • Counseling on matters related to inheritance, marriage, and family;
  • Counseling on legal procedures related to real estate;
  • Labor Counseling;
  • Counseling on and warning off issues related to Criminal Law;
  • Counseling and representing in dispute resolution;
  • Participating in legal proceedings at courts;
  • Appointing a representative lawyer to make complaints and protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients before competent authorities;
  • Work as authorized;
  • Providing legal documents.

3. Benefits of using Legal Retainer Services for Individuals.

Using Legal Retainer Services for Individuals has the following advantages:

  • Lawyers are at clients’ disposal through many different methods with flexible working time; to choose a lawyer with high professional qualifications and great experience;
  • Help clients promptly update new regulations of the law;
  • Clients will have a more stable and secure mind because they have support from professional and experienced lawyers;
  • Client’s information will be kept confidential throughout the working process.

4. Why should Clients choose the services of PL & Partners Law?

PL & Partners is a prestigious, professional, dedicated law firm trusted by many clients.

  • PL & Partners has a lot of practice experience and a strong and professional legal team. Up to now, we have been providing legal assistance to various individuals and successfully handling hundreds of cases. Proud to be a dedicated and reputable law firm, we always accompany our clients, listen to them, and warn them off risks, thereby offering the most optimal solution for each client.
  • We choose the problem-solving approach that is in the direction of harmonizing the legal regulations and the desired interests of the clients, thereby creating a bond between the lawyer and the client, making the work convenient, and achieving the desired outcome.
  • The information will be kept completely confidential. Therefore, you can share your problems and confidential matters without fear of revealing information outside.
  • We provide reasonable and flexible Services costs depending on the needs of clients and the nature of work. Clients will receive quality Services at the most effective cost.

If you need any assistance with legal issues, please contact us at:


Office: Lot 1.16 Viva Riverside, 1472 Vo Van Kiet, Ward 3, District 6, HCMC

Hotline: 093.1111.060




We are always at your disposal.

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