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At PL & Partners Law Firm, we accompany clients to resolve disputes in many fields such as business, contract, investment, civil, etc”

Currently, along with the development of the economy – society, disputes are also constantly increasing. From disputes between individuals and individuals, between individuals and businesses to between businesses. Many of which parties cannot resolve by themselves.

At that time, we will need support from experts  and legal professionals to advise, propose solutions and represent clients.

PL & Partners Law Firm will be a prestigious address that you, your family, and your business can feel secure coming to. We provide dispute resolution services in the fields of civil, economic, commercial, labor, contract, marriage and family, administration, etc and many other fields.


In fact, the occurrence of disputes is almost inevitable. From personal disputes such as Mr. A’s land dispute with Mr. B, Mr. C and Ms. D’s property dispute after divorce, inheritance dispute among family members, etc. To major disputes such as a dispute between two enterprises about the performance of a contract. Or maybe even a dispute between individuals, organizations, and state agencies.

There are disputes that the parties can gather to negotiate and resolve them. There are disputes where a common voice cannot be found.

At that time, many people will be confused about how to solve dispute in the most effective and least expensive way, especially when most of us still do not understand the provisions of the law.

At this point, we can look to the dispute resolution services of PL & Partners Law Firm.

Our lawyers will carefully consider the dispute from many aspects, balance the desired interests of the clients and the legal regulations, thereby offering the most optimal, effective, and least expensive solution.

In addition, PL & Partners will also accompany clients in all stages from preparing documents, collecting documents and evidence, and negotiating to litigation.

Dispute resolution service


Upon request of clients, the lawyer of PL & Partners will conduct the examination, discussion, and analysis of case files, combine them with the process of collecting information from the client, thereby stating the key points, and proposing solutions.

Depending on the nature of the case, PL & Partners will advise clients to resolve disputes through one of the following methods:

2.1. Dispute resolution through negotiation and mediation:

This is the top priority method considered by PL & Partners.

Specifically, with this method, we will accompany or receive authorization from the clients to participate in negotiations, settlements.

Lawyers of PL & Partners will use the results from examining case files, the authentic information combined with professional knowledge, experience, and ingenuity to bring the best benefit to the client.

This method brings many advantages to clients:

– Fast, less costly in money and time;

– Maintain the inherent relationship between the parties because mediation has no winners or losers, and does not cause confrontation;

– Be proactive in providing documents, thereby keeping business secrets confidential;

– The parties are usually serious and act in goodwill as the conciliation is derived from the voluntariness of the parties

2.2. Dispute resolution through legal proceedings:

In case it is impossible to negotiate or settle, PL & Partners Law Firm will discuss with the client to move to dispute resolution by litigation.

We will assist clients in consolidating their records, preparing documents, and acting as the authorized representative of clients to work with the authorities.

Advantages of resolving dispute through legal proceedings:

– Court decisions are binding on the parties;

– With the principle of two levels of trial, mistakes in the dispute settlement process can be detected and remedied.

However, besides the advantages, this method also has a drawback, that is, the resolution time is often prolonged.

2.3. Dispute resolution through arbitration:

In case there are suitable factors, PL & Partners Law Firm will counsel clients to resolve disputes through arbitration.

The advantages of this method are:

– Simple, and fast procedures;

– The parties have the right to appoint a good arbitrator with many years of experience and is an expert in the disputed field;


With the motto “Our mission, Your success”, PL & Partners Law Firm always strives to bring clients the best legal services with the most effective fees.

When using our debt recovery services, clients will receive the following benefits:

  • Work is performed by a team of professional, experienced lawyers and specialists, working in accordance with the law.
  • One-stop service from consulting, providing solutions to receiving court decisions and enforcing judgment.
  • Save time, avoid hassles due to procedures, shorten debt time.
  • Handles difficult subjects.
  • Save costs, reduce risks.
  • Get advice on control and prevention of bad debt.
  • Get exemption or reduction of fees for other legal services when needed.

Should you need to register for services or want to learn more about our services, please contact:


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Hotline: 093.1111.060

Email: info@pl-partners.vn

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We are always ready to assist you.

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