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Dispute resolution service is one of the most requested services by clients at PL and Partners Law Firm. We provide this service in the various fields of civil, economic, commercial, labor, contract, marriage and family, administration, … and many other ones.

Dispute is almost a daily issue in today’s society, due to conflicts of interest of each other. Disputes can occur between individuals and individuals, individuals with businesses, and among businesses, even between individuals, organizations and state agencies.

An example can be seen in real life: Mr. A disputes over land with Mr. B, Mr. C and Ms. D dispute property upon divorce, siblings are in dispute about the rights of inheritance, labor disputes between employees and employers, disputes arising from contract performance between two enterprises, etc.

Dispute resolution service

When a dispute arises, clients often get confused about how to resolve it in the most effective and least costly way. It is choosing an optimal and effective solution that clients wish to receive from the consultancy and support of lawyers.

Based on each specific circumstances, on the basis of analyzing the case, studying the records, discussing, assessing the strengths and weaknesses and the ability to resolve it, our lawyers will take into account to come up with the most effective, optimal and least costly outcome.


As soon as receiving the client’s request, PL&Partners’ lawyer will examine the case, discuss, analyze together with study the records from client, thereby coming up with core issue and propose suitable solutions.

Currently, PL&Partners conducts  dispute resolution service through the following methods:

1. Dispute resolution through negotiation, mediation

Not every dispute is resolved by bringing it to the court for trial. The method of negotiation and mediation is always our priority.

Negotiation and mediation means that parties freely demonstrate their rights of self-agreement and self-determination to reach an agreement on their conflict, and the parties voluntarily implement mutually agreed outcome got through mediation.

The implementation of this resolution requires goodwill and honesty with the highest spirit of cooperation from the parties for it to be carried out successfully.

*** This method brings many advantages to clients:

– Expeditious, economical in terms of money and time;

– The inherent relationship between the parties is still remained because mediation brings no winner, no loser, and not cause any confrontation;

– Be proactive in providing documents, thereby keeping business know-how confidential (if any);

– Derived from the voluntariness of the parties, therefore, when the mediation is reached, the parties will implement it in a goodwill and serious way.

2. Dispute resolution through litigation

If the parties fail to negotiation or mediation, they can ask the court to settle a dispute. The legal basis for the court’s dispute adjudication is the Civil Procedure Code.

With many years of experience in providing dispute resolution service to our clients, we have resolved many cases before trial in various fields. We are willing to assist our clients, including:

– Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each parties;

– Consulting clients on the procedures of filing a lawsuit;

– Assisting clients in reviewing and drafting relevant documents;

– Participating in legal proceedings as a lawyer to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our clients at people’s courts at all levels in civil, business-commercial, marriage and family, labor and administrative cases,….;

– Participating in legal proceedings as an authorized representative to perform all rights and obligations on behalf of the client in accordance with the law of civil procedure in order to maximize the legitimate rights and interests of the client at people’s courts at all levels.

*** The advantages of choosing the form of dispute resolution according to litigation are:

– Court’s  decisions are binding on each parties;

– With the principle of two levels of trial, mistake in the dispute settlement can be detected and remedied.

In spite of advantages, disadvantages still justify there, which is the duration for dispute settlement is often prolonged.

3. Dispute resolution through arbitration

The parties mutually agree to ask arbitration for dispute resolution. After the dispute is taken into consideration, arbitrators will issue an binding award for the parties.

*** The advantage of this method is:

– Simple and expeditious procedures;

– The parties are entitled to appoint an excellent, highly-experienced arbitrator who is believed to have a profound understanding of their disputed field;

You can see that is it essential to invite a lawyer to engage in dispute resolution cases, which ensures that your legitimate rights and interests are maximized ?  Depending on the practical and actual cases and circumstances, we will offer the most suitable method of dispute resolution for you.


With the motto “Our mission, your success”, PL&Partners Law Firm has successfully handled many cases in which providing effective legal support to hundreds of clients.

For more than 15 years of operation, we have gained a lot of experience in many dispute resolution cases in various fields likely:

– The ownership and other rights to the property;

– Civil transactions, civil contracts;

– Intellectual property rights, technology transfer;

– Inheritance of property;

– Tort;

– Land; economic and commercial contracts;

– Internal issues of the enterprise;

– Dispute resolution issues in other areas.

Besides, we also actively offer many service packages to meet the needs and financial situation of our clients.

Hopefully you can understand that, Lawyers of PL&Partners always stand by and accompany you in the dispute resolution process with the goal of “Your win is ours”.

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