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“With the business registration consultancy services of PL & Partners Law Firm, we not only carry out the procedures on behalf of our clients but also provide comprehensive legal support before, during and after the establishment, etc…”


Establishing a/an business/enterprise is an important step for individuals and organizations to start their own business. However, conducting the business registration procedures requires many documents, working with various state agencies, especially for conditional business lines.

Meanwhile, most businesses just want to focus on production and business activities and are afraid to carry out legal procedures.

Understanding the above situation, PL & Partners Law Firm deploys business registration consultancy services to help individuals and organizations do this work quickly and effectively.

Một số lưu ý khi lựa chọn luật sư tranh tụng
Establishing enterprises is an important step for individuals, organizations to start running their business.


With business registration consultancy services, PL & Partners will comprehensively advise clients about the market as well as legal issues that need attention. After that, we will directly handle the required work to register the business.

Specifically we:

2.1. Advising on choosing the type of business:

Each type of business will have different characteristics. Lawyers of PL & Partners will base on business purposes, number of members, sources of capital and other relevant issues to choose the type of business suitable to the actual conditions of the client.

2.2. Advising on naming the business:

The name of the business will be associated with the brand development strategy. If you choose an inappropriate business name, you will face many risks in the future such as having to change your name due to a dispute. PL & Partners Law Firm will discuss with the client about the desired business name and check whether it has been registered or not. If it’s already been registered by others, our lawyers will suggest some other names based on the development strategy, brand strategy, business lines.

2.3. Advising on choosing business line codes:

Select the business line codes based on the client’s requirements; propose other codes to better suit the current and future business of clients.

2.4. Advising on building the organizational structure

PL & Partners Law Firm will advise about building the organizational structure of the business according to the size and way of operation of the business in accordance with the law.

2.5. Advising on building the Company Charter:

The Company Charter is its own set of rules for all managers and employees to follow. The establishment of the Company Charter shall be in accordance with the actual situation and operational needs of the business as it is an important foundation for setting up and developing the business as well as constraining internal disputes in the future.

5 kỹ năng nhất định phải có để trở thành một luật sư giỏi
With Business Registration Consultancy Services, PL & Partners shall comprehensively advise clients on market as well as needed legal matters.

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