Can an individual register more than one permanent or temporary address?

The burden of making a living has forced many people to leave their hometowns and move to big cities to look for job opportunities, increase income and develop themselves, even to live for many years. Since then, the demand for registration of permanent and temporary residence has increased. However, a question raised here is, can an individual register more than one permanent, or temporary address?

Through this article, PL & Partners Law Firm would like to share with readers the regulations related to this issue.


1.1. Cases for registration of permanent residence.

Pursuant to Article 22.4 of the Law on Residence 2020, if a person who has already had a registered permanent address moves to another lawful place of residence and meets the conditions for permanent residence registration, he/she must have the new place of residence registered as a permanent address. The registration term is 12 months from the date of eligibility for registration.

1.2. Cases for registration of temporary residence.

Pursuant to Article 27.1 of the Law on Residence 2020, in case a citizen comes to live at a lawful place of residence outside the commune-level administrative unit where he/she has registered for permanent residence to work, study, or for other purposes from 30 days or more, the registration of temporary residence is required.

The maximum period for temporary residence is 24 months and can be extended many times. Within 15 days before the expiration of the temporary residence, procedures for extension must be carried out. Procedures for extension of temporary residence are the same as for the first time.

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Pursuant to Article 3.4 of the Law on Residence 2020, the regulations on residence are as follows:

“4. Information on residence must be updated in the National Population Database, Resident Database as prescribed by law; At one time, each citizen can only have one permanent address and one temporary address.”

Thus, it can be said that each citizen has the right to freely reside according to his/her needs, however, at a time, each citizen can only register one permanent address and can register a temporary address in addition (if any).

In case there is a change in residence leading to the need to register for permanent or temporary residence at a new address as prescribed above, people must carry out the registration procedures as prescribed by laws. At that time, the previous permanent, temporary address will no longer be a place of permanent, temporary residence of the people. The law will only recognize one permanent, temporary address registered in the most recent time.

If you live in different places other than your permanent address, you should choose a place having a longer residence term to register for temporary residence and must notify your stay at the other places. Stay means living  for a certain period outside the place of residence (temporary and permanent address) and is not subject to temporary residence registration.



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The article is based on the current legal regulations at the time of writing, and it may no longer be valid or relevant at the time you are reading it due to changes of the law. The article, therefore, is seen as reference only.

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