Converting a multi-member limited liability company into a joint stock company


  1. Application form for enterprise registration (Appendix I-4);
  2. Company’s charter;
  3. List of founding shareholders (Appendix I-7) and shareholders that are foreign investors (Appendix I-8);
  4. Copies of the following documents:

a) Legal documents of the enterprise’s legal representative;

b) Legal documents of founding shareholders, shareholders that are foreign investors; legal documents of authorized representatives and their letters of appointment.

For shareholders being foreign organizations, copies of their legal documents shall be consular legalized;

  1. Resolution, decision, and copy of meeting minutes of the Members’ Council on the conversion;
  2. Contract for transfer of stakes or documents proving completion of such transfer; contract for donation of stakes; copy of certificate of the heir’s lawful inheritance rights;
  3. Documents certifying the capital contribution by new members/shareholders;
  4. Written approval given by the investment registration authority in case the capital contribution or purchase of shares/stakes of the foreign investors, or foreign-invested economic organizations shall be registered in accordance with the Law on Investment;
  5. Power of attorney.
  • Quantity: 01 set.


The conversion shall be registered at the business registration authority within 10 days from the date on which the conversion is completed. An application for conversion shall be submitted to the business registration authority where the enterprise is registered.

Please follow the link to get the procedure for REGISTRATION OF ESTABLISHMENT OF A JOINT STOCK COMPANY

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