What types of goods are not allowed to be sold online?

With the strong development of technology, the online business is growing more and more, because of its convenience, rapidity, time and cost savings. Therefore, to ensure a healthy business environment as well as improve management efficiency, the competent authority has issued some goods that are not allowed to be sold online.

Pursuant to Clause 1, Article 3 of Circular 47/2014/TT-BCT, there are 05 groups of goods that are not allowed to be sold online:

a) Shotguns and bullets, sporting weapons, combat gear;

b) Cigarettes, cigars and other finished products of tobacco.

c) Alcoholic drinks;

d) Precious and rare wildlife and plants including live species and their processed parts;

dd) Other goods restricted from trading under the law.

Besides, Decree 59/2006/ND-CP also stipulates some other items restricted from trading such as goods containing radioactive substances, radioactive equipment or radioactive sources; Cigarettes, cigars and other forms of finished tobacco; Chemicals of Table 2 and Table 3 (according to the International Convention), etc.

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