When do family lawyer services need to be considered?

Like Family Doctor, Family Lawyer Service has become popular in developed countries, in which all legal issues arising in the daily life among family members are advised and represented by a family lawyer.

In Vietnam, the concept of Family Lawyer still remains unpopular. However, along with the economic development, this service is believed to be significantly necessary and familiar in the near future.

When hiring a private lawyer, you are assured that a family lawyer will spend a certain amount of time weekly, and monthly to give legal advice on all issues arising in your family’s daily life from things that can be seen as uncomplicated like inheritance, wills, real estate sales, to problems related to daily business operation of your family, or resolving conflicts and disputes occurred.

All of the information shall be kept completely confidential, therefore, you and your family can feel safe sharing important or even sensitive information without worrying about it being leaked to the outside. Subject to the specific agreement on the time of consultancy, you can also get in touch and talk to the lawyer at any time as long as it is convenient for you, thereby helping ensure timeliness in emergencies. The family lawyer is also the person who thoroughly understands your situation, therefore, the lawyer’s opinions also ensure optimality and maximum cost savings for you.


In this article, PL&Partners Law Firm is going to list some of the common cases that need family lawyer service.


In the family, it is certain that all members want to have harmony and peace. Conflicts, however, sometimes inevitably arise. These conflicts, if not resolved satisfactorily and promptly, are likely to cause discord and break family relationships. Larger and more serious conflicts can even lead to illegal acts.

When conflicts become out of control but family members fail to handle themselves, they should consult a lawyer, more specifically, use the family lawyer service of law firms.

Lawyer who is qualified, highly experienced, knowledgeable, and ingenious is believed to become the bridge to help families get conflicts resolved based on the criteria of peace and respect for the law.

Conflicts that can be repaired will help preserve good family relationships. For irreconcilable conflicts, a lawyer will also help handle the issues in a lawful, reasonable, and equitable manner.


In Vietnam, citizens’ legal knowledge base is not high. There are many transactions within the family, or between the family and other individuals, organizations that require consultancy and advice of a lawyer to give opinions and legal basis to help client have full preparation in terms of records and documents before signing or performing any legal transaction. This minimizes risks that may arise when performing any legal transactions instead the client has to find out and look them up themselves, not only taking time but also not knowing how to execute such transactions in the most optimal and safest manner.

At such times, family lawyer service is really helpful for you as well as your family members.


In fact, the implementation of administrative procedures in our country, many shortcomings still remain. Preparing documents and working with authorities still takes a long time, specifically for those who do not often carry out legal procedures, not know the process well. Sometimes it makes them feel confused, difficult, and troublesome.

In this situation, Family Lawyer Service is believed to be essential for you.

At that time, you only need to provide necessary information and documents to the lawyer, the rest will be performed by the lawyer.


Besides the benefits mentioned above, Family Lawyer also represents clients to deal with legal issues related to daily activities including:

  • Verifying and collecting documents and evidence;
  • Working with competent individuals and organizations to exercise clients’ rights and perform clients’ obligations in accordance with the law;
  • Working with competent authorities to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients;
  • When necessary, the lawyer will participate in legal proceedings as defense counsel, defender of legitimate rights, and interests of the client.


Common cases that need family lawyer service have been delivered to you. These are just basic and the most common scenarios. Subject to each actual circumstance, each client’s needs and the volume of work the lawyer has to deal with, the expense agreement shall be differently discussed.

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